Advertising Your Income Streams

Lesson 1

To start generating some serious cash from the affiliate programs you join, you are going to have to get some traffic flowing to the products you are promoting. Unfortunately with online marketing the old adage of “build it and they will come” does not apply.

PPC Engines – The Immediate traffic boom!

Long gone are the days of setting up your brick and mortar shop on the corner of “Blvd of Dreams” and “Will I Make It”, sitting at the counter waiting for the planets to align and for the following right events to occur:

· Customer from outside foot traffic sees your shop

· Customer needs your product

· Your store-front pulls in the customer

· Customer sees something they like from your limited display area

· Customer makes a purchase.

With PPC (Pay-per-Click) Search Engines you have immediate access to millions of potential customers worldwide. Unlike brick and mortar advertising; in which you’re basically waving a giant fly swatter hoping to catch some traffic, you can get highly targeted traffic with PPC search engines in which you only pay for every person who visits your product, you can see how this drastically reduces your operating costs and increases your income potential.

Just as I mentioned earlier that there exist some questionable affiliate networks, the same can be said for PPC engines, there are also some questionable PPC engines out there. So you have to keep an eye out on where you buy your traffic from. If you decide to try a new PPC engine that you are not very familiar with then I strongly recommend making the minimum deposit with that search engine, make the minimum bids for each keyword and test the campaign separately and see how the product succeeds. More info on testing campaigns in the chapters ahead.

The Cream of the Crop Search Engines are:

1. Google Adwords

2. Yahoo

3. Bing

If you would like to experiment with other search engines you can find thousands of search engines from around the world by visiting


Google Adwords

Google Adwords is probably the best PPC out there. The Google search engine in itself is the most recognizable search engine on the planet, it gets over 500 million searches a day. Once you open a Google Adwords account, you have access to extremely detailed statistics on how your ad campaign is doing. This is an extremely efficient way of testing out campaigns before running them on other search engines. Keep in mind that Google has two programs. Google Adwords is the advertisers program, in which you advertise your products. Google AdSense is their money making publisher program. By signing-up with AdSense, you can display Google ads on your site and get paid for every person who clicks on a Google ad via your website.


Back Burner Traffic

Back burner traffic is the type of traffic that ends up trickling to your site for free after months of being online. Though, it takes a long time for your site to get this type of traffic, it will eventually payout in the long run, but if you are like me, that being, pretty impatient, I generally don’t bother with this because I like seeing results instantly. Your best bet is using PPC engines and sticking with immediate results.

Search Engine Optimizing

To get back burner traffic you need to be ranked high in the search engines (basically Google). What that means is that you have to have a high PR rating, to get a high PR rating you need to have similar sites to linking back to you.

You built up your link juice by finding similar sites to link with, but this can be a time consuming process, as I mentioned earlier you should concentrate on PPC engines for traffic. Also be warned that if you are linked with too many “link farms” Google may punish your site, thus reducing your PR value.