Greed Cash Cow

Lesson 1

The online casino market is a multi-billion dollar a year industry. With so much money to make with online casinos, even if you end up with the last crumbs of this pie you can easily make thousands of dollars a month. With online casinos you get a percentage cut of every player you refer, for life! This means that a single player can possible make you thousands of dollars a year, for as long as they play online. When I moved house, I was a little busy with renovating and left my gambling income streams on the backburner; that means I did not spend one dime on advertising yet players I had already referred were making me thousands of dollars a month! I nice chunk of change to help with my renovating costs!

Keep in mind that it does cost a bit more to advertise online casinos, but it is well worth it because the profit margin per player is so high. You just have to keep at it. A player can net you thousands of dollars a year, so even if you pay up to $100 to get that player, it is well worth it. One very important word of advice; when you sign up for a casino affiliate program, sometimes you will be given the choice of either going for the revenue share program (25% upto 50%) or the flat rate payout option (sometimes up to $300 per player). In the revenue share scenario the casino affiliate program will pay you 25% up to 50% for the life of the player whereas in the flat rate payout scenario the casino affiliate program will pay you a flat rate, one-time fee of up to $300 per player, regardless of how much they play. It might be very tempting to choose the higher flat rate payout, but trust me in that you will earn so much more with the life time revshare program. Just think of it, in that there must be a reason why the casino affiliate program is willing to payout so much per player acquisition, this is because they will end up earning much more during the life of that player.

Now just use the strategies I just thought you above, including using your TGP traffic and watch your bank accounts start to grow. Online casino offers and adult traffic go hand in hand quite well. It is the perfect blend of Lust and Greed combined to magically grow your earnings exponentially.