It’s a Fact – Sin Sells

Lesson 1

Tap into a Multi-billion Dollar Industry

It’s all around you, every waking second of every waking minute of every waking day of your life. It’s in the giant billboards, the beer commercials, the curves of that sexy new sports car; be it indirectly or directly it’s a proven fact that sex sells. There is nothing you can do to avoid it; it is hard wired into our DNA. Corporations spend millions on psychologists and marketing firms to incorporate sex into their products. The subliminal graphics, sexual connotations, innuendos; its all about sex.

The adult industry is a multi-billion-dollar-a-year industry and no matter how you look at it, anything this industry touches is instant gold. When you have a product that practically the whole modern economic framework is based on (sex, direct or indirect); coupled with an instantaneous method of delivering the product (internet) you have a match made in heaven. The best thing about this industry online is that traffic is extremely cheap and you can easily drive hundreds of thousands of visitors to your sites per day.

Now don’t get me wrong, don’t think you are going to have to redecorate your house in furs, have scented oils in your bathroom, dress in red velvet robes all day and start meeting orgy friends. That’s far from the true nature of online adult marketing. When I say sex sells, I mean everything, even hinting at anything sexual sells. From pimple removal cream, fitness equipment, to sports cars.

Easy-Fast cheap constant traffic

I’m going to teach you how to get thousands of free traffic in the form of TGPs for your adult affiliate programs. TGPs are Thumbnail Gallery Posts, which I will describe in detail below. This information alone is priceless, so I really hope you take advantage of it, put your knowledge to use and let your earnings soar.

I hope you have already found a host and got your domains setup. You should consider getting a new adult oriented domain for your TGP. What is a TGP you ask? Well a TGP as I mentioned is a Thumbnail Gallery Post, this is a site that lists galleries of free pictures. Mixed within these galleries of free pictures are other TGPs that you partner with to trade traffic. Now the logistics of TGP traffic handling is a science in itself and you need software to manage this traffic. There are dozens of TGP software suppliers out there but you will get the software 100% free! Get your free version of TTT3 (Traffic Turbo Trader) by visiting: It’s really easy to setup, if you got your host with DreamHost, they will help you with any general server questions you have. The TTT3 team also have an excellent support board.

So you have your TGP setup, your galleries are in place. Now what? Well now you have to start getting some serious traffic and some serious trading partners. You will have to buy startup traffic to get your TGP underway, but as I mentioned earlier this traffic is extremely cheap and costs practically nothing. You can find very cheap traffic at:


Now before you start buying your startup traffic I strongly suggest you find some good trading partners. This way the traffic you buy will work for you; as your TGP starts trading traffic with your partners you will in turn get more traffic. You need a minimum of 3 partners before you can efficiently start trading. Why three? Well because every good TGP script will not resend the same visitors to the site they just came from. So since you are just starting off, if site A sends you visitor X, your software will not send visitor X back to site A, unless you have a site B or C to trade with, you could end up with a lost visit/trade.

To find TGP trade partners visit google and search for trade partners Another thing I recommend before you start buying traffic is to set your trade partner values to 50%. This means that when a visitor comes to your site and clicks on a free gallery link 50% of the time they will visit the free gallery and 50% they will be traded to another site. If you set the ratio too high for galleries then you will lose on trades, if you send too many visitors only to trade partners, people will get annoyed and not bookmark your site. That is another amazing thing about TGPs, people love free galleries, and thousands of people will bookmark your site and return every day!

So after spending a little on start-up traffic and finding good trades, your site is easily getting 50,000 to 60,000 of free visitors a day? Now you ask how do you make money?

Easy, because with traffic you are king:

1. You can sign-up adult affiliate programs as “trade partners”; your TGP program will automatically send traffic to your money makers. Sure it will not register as a “trade” on the affiliate site’s website but you are sending a visitor who has been excited by samples that they are just ready to pop out their credit card and buy a full membership in which you will get a cut of.

2. You can push your traffic to dating and adult affiliate programs. I list a few below.

Some of the Best Programs

I would just like to mention that these programs are some of the top affiliate programs to promote. These programs directly link up online users with at home amateurs willing to expose themselves or just chat. Web cams are a perfect blend of personal interaction with a hint of sex drive. You can even advertise web cams as online dating services. I’ve tried many programs, but the ones that consistently perform the best are the following:

  • iFriends
  • Chaturbate
  • Whalecash

The recommended sites I list are by no means the only ones you should test out. Definitely search online for the type of affiliate program you wish to try out. Search by category or niche, for example; video on demand sites have many niches you can target. Dating also has many niches you can target, everything from religious dating, to casual dating, even geek or tech dating. In programs like dating for example, the tighter you target your audience, the better the conversions will be.