Mobility in Numbers

Lesson 3

Imagine for a minute, if I told you that everything you learned so far is only half of your potential. Everything that you discovered in this book can be applied to a whole different platform and that platform is the mobile internet. In recent years mobile activity has shot up tremendously, there are more mobile handsets in the world than personal computers, and that tells us a lot on the potential consumer base on any program you want to start promoting. The mobile experience is also a lot more personable so conversions on mobile tend to be a lot higher than on a personal computer.

On mobile adult affiliate programs are definitely one of the bigger money makers out there. In Europe especially adult is just blowing up. You see the billing method in Europe is different then what we see here in North America. The average customer flow in North America goes a little something like this:

· User visits landing page
· User is interested in joining site and clicks “Join”
· User fills out registration form (which can be a bit of a hassle on a mobile phone)
· User pulls out credit card to pay for membership
· User enters credit card information, again in which it can be a hassle to enter on a mobile phone.
· Credit card processing company must process payment in which a false “fraudulent” transaction can be triggered because of the nature of mobile IP distribution.
· After confirmation, user is granted access to the site, or downloads their digital goods and you receive your commission.

· Keep in mind, with credit card billing the initial larger monthly sums can be quite a hindrance for some customers.

Now take a look if you will on how a mobile optimization payment solution, very popular in Europe, handles the same user flow

· User visits landing page
· User is interested in joining site and clicks “Join”
· User is automatically identified by their mobile connection and is simple asked if they want to continue with the purchase
· After confirming, with usually one click, the user is automatically billed through their phone bill for a weekly subscription.
· Unlike the larger monthly credit card charges, mobile subscriptions are usually at a smaller weekly price point, in the end the user remains on for longer and you end up earning more as a result.

You can clearly see by comparing the two customer flows, that the mobile version is much more convenient for users to sign-up with. This has a major influence on conversion rates and at the end of the day, in how much money you can potentially earn for running such an offer.

Mobile optimized payment flows are not only directed to adult mobile sites. Another big money making potential is with Android Apps. The concept is when a user installs an application, they can view content on demand. The price points for this content on demand is even smaller than the weekly subscriptions, but the users consume them so much more often that they end up earning you a lot more in the long run. My suggestion if you start running these types of offers, is find a partner willing to split the revenue share with you, as opposed to someone wanting to offer you a flat rate per sign-up, because in the long run, just like in the casino revenue share model, you will earn so much more per application customer with the revenue share.

Now that you have some great tips and methods on how to capitalize on a primitive instinct we all have hardcoded in our DNA, you have to go out at try it. You must apply what you’ve learnt and get the ball rolling on setting up your online business. One of the most profitable markets are the markets that rely on failure, for example weight loss, or make money niches, do not be another statistic. Do not just put this book aside and go look for and spend money on another “quick” solution. You have to apply what you learn. So take this opportunity right now and start your path to financial freedom today.