Selling on eBay

Lesson 6

Thousands of people use eBay as their full-time method of making money. They have quit their daily jobs and adapted to sell stuff online full-time. eBay is like a worldwide flea-market where you can find anything from dishes to cars. Most people believe that to sell on eBay you have to live like some sort of hermit, surrounded by packaging material, taping up boxes for 14 hours a day in your garage. Nothing can be further from the truth. Starting an eBay auction based business is incredibly easy.

Once you have signed up with eBay you can start selling products immediately. Visit for eBay’s selling tutorial. If you haven’t already done so, it is also recommended you signup for a PayPal account. PayPal will make it easier for people to pay you immediately.

Buying Wholesale

The trick at succeeding in a marketplace like eBay is to find products you can buy low and sell high. The only way to do this is obviously to buy wholesale, not to worry though, this does not mean you will end up with crates of cell phone cases or MP3 players in your bedroom. There are many sites online that offer products at wholesale prices, not only do they offer them at dirt cheap prices, but they also offer drop shipping. What this means is that they will ship off the product you just sold to your customer for you. Here is a list of wholesalers and drop shippers:

· World Wide Brands