Cash in Right Now

Cash-in With Click Bank

As I mentioned in Chapter 1, one of the most profitable affiliate programs to join are those offering informational products. No affiliate network holds more informational products to sell than Click Bank. There are hundreds of thousands of informational products you can choose to promote with Click Bank. You can visit their site at and check out all the products you can promote. The beauty with ClickBank offers is that the advertisers selling their products really work hard in perfecting the sales pitch. This means that the landing pages have been so fine-tuned that people just swallow up these products even if some of them are priced for as much as $97 a shot.


Eventually as you master the art of sales, you can create your own product and sell it on ClickBank. You need nothing more than your average run of the mill word processing software like Word, and the ideas in your head. You can write an eBook on just about anything. Do you fancy yourself a chef? Then you can create your own cookbook and sell it on ClickBank, maybe you’d like to share gardening tips? Are investment portfolios your forte? No problem, just write what you know and teach the world what you have to offer. By the way investment or stock tips are also a great money maker. Everyone is looking for the next big stock to hit the market and what it comes down to is them wanting to get a head start on making big money.


One of the great things about owning your own product in ClickBank is that there is an army of affiliates ready to promote your offer. Set your payout to whatever you want to pay each affiliate, and sit back while your product is promoted for you. While your eBook becomes a self-efficient money machine you can work on another project and increase your revenue streams.


With your own product to sell you can even use eBay as a potential marketplace. eBay already has millions of shoppers ready to shop. Often times you can use the same sales page that has performed on Click Bank and port it to eBay. Why try to re-invent the wheel with a new page when you have one that has been tested in the ClickBank marketplace.