Best Type of Affiliate Programs to Join

Lesson 2

The various types of affiliate programs you can join are virtually endless. Hundreds of thousands of companies are on-line with millions of products to sell; anything from sweaters, shoes, books, kitchen appliances, credit cards, life insurance, bank accounts. You name it; it will be out there to market, sell and cash in on.

The absolutely best and most profitable affiliate programs to join are the ones that cater to solving personal problems or the programs related to sin. For example informational products that give advice on how one can earn more money or help someone change their health condition with weight-loss, or help with mental and emotional betterment. Regarding the sinful programs these are programs that tap into emotions that are hardcoded with the sins of Lust and Greed that we all have in us in some form or another. More on this a little later on.

In today’s fast-food-I-want-what-I-paid-for-now nation, it is no mystery that products or services that are accessible immediately after purchase are the real money makers. More details on gambling and adult programs in the chapters ahead.

You can easily surf the internet and join any affiliate program you find and it would be quite tempting to do so. But, bear in mind, even after joining program after program you would possible end up having over 30 to 40 accounts on quite a few different sites that you have no idea on how their reputation stands. This can lead to a logistical nightmare and will make online affiliate marketing meticulous and boring. Therefore one of the best things to do is join an affiliate network. Affiliate networks are hubs for different programs. Marketers signup to one or two of these networks and from there access the thousands of offers and programs available to promote. Two of the most reputable and long standing networks are Click Bank and Commission Junction. Click Bank specializes in downloadable instant access products, while Commission Junction specializes in branded material and also digital goods.

Once you open up an account with any of the affiliate networks, you have one or two convenient accounts to track all your sales and analyze what part of your traffic segment is making you the most money. I urge you to search around for some other networks and research their reputation. Many online forums have a wealth of information on which networks to join and which ones to avoid like the plague.


Take it from someone who has been in online marketing for over seventeen years. You definitely should get your own website and domains setup. It’s easy as pie and very cheap nowadays to do. Don’t get me wrong, you can make money with no website or domains, but there are some drawbacks if you do not own your own piece of internet realty:
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<li class="">You won’t benefit from Backburner traffic (described below)</li>
<li>If one affiliate program is not producing; simply change one page on your website for another product instead of modifying ALL your campaigns on all the search engines you are listed and advertising on.</li>
<li class="">Search engines have made it a little harder for many affiliates to advertise the same product that use the same domain on their networks. This means, for example if 100 people are advertising Grow My Hair Cream and all are using the same domains but with different affiliate codes, search engines will only display the ad that has the highest click through ratio, everyone else’s ad will barely be shown. But if you had a unique URL with a page talking about Grow My Hair Cream, your ad will have one less obstacle to avoid.</li>
So do yourself a favour straight off the bat and get an inexpensive web host and domain. One of the highly recommended hosting companies I’ve come across over the years is Dreamhost, search for them online and research some of their customer testimonials and I’m confident you will not be disappointed by what they have to offer. Their online panel also makes it a breeze to setup new sites almost instantly. Getting a good host from the start is an invaluable asset to beginning your road to a successful online business.

You can get your domain names from many of the providers out there, search for cheap domains and a massive list will pop up, select a company you are comfortable with and again read reviews and customer testimonials if possible. Have a reliable domain company is part of the puzzle of running a successful online business. Price wise they are pretty much competitive, what will be the hook, line and sinker will be their customer support and ease of setting up. I recommend emailing the companies you are interested in acquiring a domain from and putting them to the test; email them a specific question and see how fast it takes for them to respond, this is a safe bet in seeing how they will respond to you once you sign up and start using their service.

Another option would be to get your domains through your web hosting company. A lot of hosting companies now do this, so for example if you get your hosting through DreamHost, then you can access domain management through their panel and buy your domain directly through them.